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In case you thought we had all upped sticks and vanished without a trace. Here is a general update on Author Buzz.

The focus of the team has of late been divided into two broadly equal categories.

  1. Participating and establishing the community
  2. Coping with the heat

Content Updates

Now that the basics of the site seem to be working (and while we create the advanced features we want) we have started writing content for Author Buzz. As well as examining the news and general state of the industry –The shocking truth about author earnings – we have also started a series exploring self-publishing.

Self-Publishing: Everything you need to know – part 1

Self-Publishing: Everything you need to know” has proven to be a far more challenge series to write than I first thought. Not only because my self-publishing experience begins and ends with blogging but because there is just so much to cover. The next two parts are currently languishing in draft status while I gather more information. Something that has been hampered by the heat and my general inability to cope with heat at all well.

However, despite the challenges it has been an interesting series to research and a lot of fun to write about. Expect to see part two pretty soon.

User and Blogs Update

We’ve added a new user blog for John Wooster-Brown, a Kent based artist and writer (also my dad). Unfortunately for me, my dad has all the IT skill of a small earthworm and thus I have to maintain the site for him. On the plus side, this comes with a lot of custom artwork that I can use with blog posts.

The overall number of users has grown, which is good, and I am in talks with some writers I know to act as moderators for the forum. There is still scope for further volunteers int hat regard if you feel like stepping forward.


The directory has been expanded with additional category spaces. This was because on review there were some gaps that seemed obvious in retrospect.

We are starting to see new entries being added to the directory. This is very exciting as each new listing makes the directory that bit more useful. One shortcoming that I need to get around to fixing is that the system does not do much to notify the admins when there is a submission to review. I’ve taken to checking the pending list manually whenever I remember.

What is next?

Other than fixing bugs, and fine tuning the site we have decided to hold fire on everything but the books feature. the books feature which allows authors to list the books they have written is under active development. Everything else, though, is going to wait until we have seen enough users interacting with the site to get a feel for what works and what does not.

Have any feedback? Let us know in the comments.

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