Thank you, BuddyDev’s Brajesh Singh


We can finally announce some forward progress in the area of modifying member profiles to do what we need them to do. This is almost entirely down to one man who I have never met.

The improvements currently on show in your profile are all thanks to the advice of Brajesh Singh from BuddyDev. While I have never met Brajesh Singh I feel fairly confident that this is a generous and knowledgeable dev who knows what he is talking about. If you ever need to hire a developer who specialises in BuddyPress and Multisite WordPress, Brajesh Singh is your man.

BuddyDev Forums are the best I have found

The BuddyDev forums have been an amazing source of help and sound advice. There were things that, quite frankly, I had started to despair about solving but thanks to advice from the forums (mostly from the supremely gifted Brajesh Singh) I have been able to overcome a number of irritating blockages.

If you have questions about developing with or for BuddyPress and Multisite WordPress I would suggest that BuddyDev is the best place to go for that advice. I don’t know who this wonderful human being is or why Brajesh Singh invests so much time helping complete strangers but I am extremely glad that he does. My gratitude for the help I have received is inexpressible.

BuddyDev plugins are also pretty neat

On BuddyDev you will find a massive collection of free plugins for BuddyPress and WordPress generally. You will also find some premium plugins which, I have little doubt, are likely to be great.

Any support questions you might have are handled lightening fast and the feedback is always excellent and helpful.

I felt it was the least I could do to dedicate an entire post to thanking a complete stranger for the help he has given me.

Mr Brajesh Singh, sir, you have been brilliant. Thank you so much for helping me out. I am truly glad that I found BuddyDev.

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