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The news is that WordPress released a performance plugin that could offer “Near-Instant Load Times”. Danny pointed this one out to me. It looks good.

WordPress released an official plugin that adds support for a cutting edge technology called speculative loading that can help boost site performance and improve the user experience for site visitors.

WordPress Releases A Performance Plugin For “Near-Instant Load Times”, searchenginejournal.com

I’m considering adding it to Author Buzz. What are your thoughts on that?

The other option is to wait and see if WordPress adds this feature to core after testing.

Please install and test the plugin to provide feedback to inform further improvements before a potential consideration to include such a feature in WordPress core. You can install the plugin by searching “speculative loading” in WP Admin, or via the Performance Lab plugin.

Speculative Loading in WordPress, Felix Arntz, wordpress.org

It is now available as an optional plugin for sub-sites and is live on the main site. I can’t detect any problems but I’m not seeing much speedup either. Should maybe speed things up for most browsers other than Firefox.


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