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We’ve been adding a bunch of new stuff to Author Buzz. A lot of it is hidden away in preparation for launching an awesome set of new features but some of it is available for general use right now.

New QnA forum for writers

Writer’s help – a QnA forum for aspiring authors is a new forum that we have added. It does exactly what it says on the tin. You ask questions about writing and other people can offer you answers.

The chances are that you will find me offering answers on the forum quite often as I find that sort of activity really relaxing for some reason.

Assisted Author Blogs Program

This is the big project that I have been busy with for weeks now. The Assisted Author Blogs program is a premium membership offering that, for a reasonably small amount of money comes with a customised Author Buzz blog, private support forums, and a whole bunch of help and support.

Most of that support comes in the form of training to help authors sell more books.

Assisted Author Blogs

One of the reports you will get access to is the Social Media Master Plan for authors and writers which I recently wrote about on my own blog.

Social Media Master Plan for Writers and Authors

Tools for authors to sell more books

A lot of the work we have been doing with Author Buzz lately has been focused on tools that help authors sell books. We’ve been focusing on list building and lead generation tools.

By the time the Assisted Author Program launches, we should have a whole suite of tools tested and ready to go. These tools will all be fully integrated with your blog’s admin panel.

They should include:

  • Metrics to measure campaign effectiveness
  • Lead capture forms
  • Lead tracking
  • List building and management
  • A/B split testing tools

I am quietly confident that we are putting together the best platform building support ever created for authors. I hope to tell you more about it soon. Until then, back to the grindstone for me.

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