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This is not going to be a particularly interesting late night blog post as all I did was back stuff up and run some updates.

Things updated

For anyone that cares, there were some updates and I applied them.

  • WordPress core updated to the latest version
  • 11 Themes updated

I can imagine that there will be plugins asking to be updated as authors realise that they need to acknowledge the latest version. Yay, late night updates…

Backing stuff up

In a rather boring move, I backed everything up prior to running the update. Nothing went wrong aside from the small fact that it took ages.

That was my fault. I just grabbed the public HTML folder and downloaded it via FTP. It was only after it stared that I realised I could have skipped the media folders and the cache files. Doh.

I also pulled a copy of the database but remembered to optimise the tables first. To be fair, the tables were fairly optimal so all that did was make the indexes a touch smaller. Hardly earth-shattering stuff.

Let me know if anything behaves oddly but I expect that you will not actually notice any difference.

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