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API – that thing that geeks use to make magic happen is coming to Author Buzz.

We will be rolling out two sets of API specs.

The first is a collection of theme hooks and filters. Once all themes available to our bloggers support these API, we will release a series of plugins that should enable authors and writers to make the most of WordPress for selling books.

The second is a Rest API based on JSON which will enable you to integrate your own site with Author Buzz data as well as push updates to your group. We’re are still working on this and making sure it is as secure as possible.

We have only recently started rolling the API out so there is not a lot to get excited about yet but Author Buzz is getting its own API. The specs as they are released will be documented on the API page here on the Development Blog.

That’s all the dev news for now. Back to the grindstone for me.

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