Is IndieWeb coming to Author Buzz UK?

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Yes, it might very well be. Once I am confident that this movement (and the technology I am using to join in) is stable, I will roll it out to Author Buzz UK. After all, Author Buzz was created as a social network for authors. So why not decentralise and supercharge it?

I am actually developing a set of themes for Author Buzz that specifically make author IndieWeb sites easier to set up. After that, I plan to sift through all the themes we offer (removing unsupported ones) to make sure they all support IndieWeb.

I hope that we can child theme any non IndieWeb friendly themes so that all Author Buzz sites can take part in the IndieWeb movement.

I am taking things slowly and testing as we go. However, WebMentions are now supported with more features to come soon.



  • 💬 Matthew Brown
  • 💬 Joining the IndieWeb - The Fantastic Site of Lord Matt

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