Stand by for changes


Currently, this site has some advanced DDoS protection in place. This is good because it almost certainly reduces spam and keeps the site relatively fast.

However, the DDoS protection conflicts with ActivityPub. This is a protocol that allows people on other sites to follow you, your blog, and the news here from places such as Mastodon.

The plan is that we will deactivate the conflicting DDoS protection. Then we see how well the site holds up. The good news is that if the load gets too high, the DDoS will kick back in. You will probably see fewer messages saying “please wait while we confirm you are not a robot”.

If that test works well, we will leave things as is. More people will be able to follow you, us, and everything else here. That includes all hosted blogs.

If things get choppy, we will take another look.

Let me know when it’s deactivated, looking forward to federating my blog.

On a side note, I noticed the ‘Verify Mastodon Profile’ is installed, and I’ve set it up on my blog, but it isn’t showing as verified in my Mastodon profile (though the rel ‘me’ thing does appear in the ‘head’ section of my blog posts.

Wondering if this is a victim of the same DDoS protection


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Stand by for updates

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