CSS error on the front page


Something has gone screwy with the CSS for the front page. I’m already working on fixing it.

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no spam
A few potential bug fixes and spam defences

I’ve been looking into two seemingly unrelated bugs that I now suspect share a root cause. This evening, I added some new directives that control cache expiry. In both cases, this is for JSON content which is what the cache shows you when you want to see a post and …

Rare JSON/HTML bug

I have been made aware of a rare bug that may only impact Safari users. The exact cause is unknown but most likely cache-related. It can cause JSON to be served up instead of HTML for new posts. I believe that 99% of users will most likely never see the …

train crash
Bug fix: Forums

Early this morning I fixed a bug that could, for some versions of certain browsers, cause the main forum page to look very silly. I have corrected the fault (that or flushing the cache fixed it).

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