A few potential bug fixes and spam defences

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I’ve been looking into two seemingly unrelated bugs that I now suspect share a root cause.

  • Sometimes for no obvious reason the front page goes months out of date (often following spam removal) lasting until new content is added and the cache expires.
  • On rare occasions, you see scary-looking JSON (looks like code) instead of a nice web page. This lasts until the cache expires.

This evening, I added some new directives that control cache expiry. In both cases, this is for JSON content which is what the cache shows you when you want to see a post and the cache got confused. This is also how the content for the front page and other parts lazy loads into the page.

In theory, I have solved both but time will tell.

In other news, I blocked a couple of countries that only ever send spam and some (Russian) email hosts. There should be slightly less spam to be seen if it all works out.

Okay, so it seems that the out-of-date front page issue is not wholly caused by the same issue as the horrible JSON instead of a nice page problem. I shall keep working on it.

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