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A few potential bug fixes and spam defences

I’ve been looking into two seemingly unrelated bugs that I now suspect share a root cause. This evening, I added some new directives that control cache expiry. In both cases, this is for JSON content which is what the cache shows you when you want to see a post and …

fast car

Further site updates: Speed up

Today I will be working on integrating persistent object caching. In theory, you should not see any problems. Also, in theory, the site should be faster and more responsive as a result. Update: It turns out that, with our current set-up, no. As I am on a speed-up and optimise …

fast car

May’s updates

This months updates include speed boosts, CSS fixes, and better cache use. Improved: has more aggressive caching (and should be even faster) Fixed: A minor CSS error was making some buttons look broken. Tweaked: Cache system – let me know if anything breaks Updated: Many themes and plugins Removed: …



No, that’s not some weird geek code AB-in.UK is the new Author Buzz short URL service. But it is so much more than a URL shortener. At present, we are closed beta testing URL shortening. That’s because there are a fair few jagged edges that we need to work through. …

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