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Author Buzz now has the books feature sort of working.

We have now added the ability to create a database of your published books. The limits are the currently you need to access the admin area and your books do not show up on your feed or profile. Obviously, this is not good enough so the next stage is to work towards being able to add them right from the profile editor and also having them appear in profile and feed.

After that, we hope to allow admins to create community profiles for popular authors so we can see the books available from our favourite authors. This will require us to create “claimable profiles” so the author’s agent or the author themselves can take control of the profile if they wish.

Once that is all done we should be able to start work on featured books (books that get promoted on the front page) and user reviews.

Now is a great time to become a beta tester and get access to everything, including what may become premium content later on and keep that access forever.

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