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We’ve put our dev blog on a news footing. As part of our efforts to make sure that blog beta users get a great selection of themes, we have updated the dev blog with a new theme.

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While this might not be the most exciting news in the world, it is a clear sign that things are still moving forward. Also, and this is quite important to me, I think this new look is much more attractive. Not to mention usable and easy to navigate.

The focus is you

A lot of the change here at the Dev Blog is to put the focus on you. Our most popular members are proudly displayed on the sidebar along with some of the more lively groups.

The theme we are using is one of a large number that we are taking a close look at. We are assessing each theme to see how useful it would be to an author building a platform. The best ones we will (just me, probably) use to create child themes. That way, we can make careful changes suitable for authors while still getting updates from the theme creator.

Depending on feedback we get from testing this look and feel, we will be making this theme available with the others for you to use and enjoy.

Author Buzz was created to help people, so that is what we are working on.

Our chimps are hard at work

Our chimps are hard at work slapping those keys and making code appear. Other chimps are making things pretty. However, if we wait for a non-infinite amount of monkeys to do the work, it will never happen. So it is back to the grindstone for me.

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