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Grumpy Dev Syndrome

Today I set myself the task of finalising the import process for a number of large blogs waiting to move into the Author Buzz family.

If only life was so simple.

It turns out that the last time anyone tried to import from the platforms in question was several major versions ago. There is 0% chance that the code used back then would still work on either end of things.

What was once a “just finish this one task” became “finish ten tasks and two entire other projects in order to start this task.”

There are four big blogs on NucleusCMS 3.x waiting to come and join us. Every last one of those has custom changes I have to factor in. That would not be so bad. I can code for that. What makes it so nightmarish is that I might as well start in on code I had been hoping to put off until the summer. While maintaining the existing workload.

Yeah, that ain’t happening.

So that means my entire schedule needs – once more – to be rethought as I factor in the increase in custom work I need to do.

There would be another answer – there is an agency that specialises in doing the import. If I had the budget, I’d pay them to make it happen.

Well, can’t even take the time to winge properly – too much to do. Back to the grindstone for me.

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Grumpy Dev Syndrome
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