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Grumpy Dev Syndrome

When we started Author Buzz the hope was to create a set of tools for authors to engage in quality marketing. As part of that, we carefully curated a set of plugins and themes that we would be happy to recommend. One such set of plugins offered a complete lead generation and tracking toolset by Inbound Now.

Lately, we have noticed that some blogs had something very broken going on – extra empty paragraphs between actual paragraphs. The culprit, it seems, was the calls to action plugin.

It has since become apparent that not only will there be no support for the existing Inbound Now plugins. Maybe this damage was intentional. Or not. It is hard to say.

What is clear, though, is that we can no longer stand behind the Inbound Now or the plugins they have written. It now falls to me to carefully unbind the site from these plugins and then remove them with extreme prejudice.

I was wrong to trust the tools in question and the author of them. This is very disappointing.

This means that there will be no lead generation and tracking tools for the time being. Something we are very disappointed about. On the other hand, write lead generation and tracking tools, is now another thing on my to-do list.

I promise that you will, one day, have lead generation and tracking tools again and when you do they will work and have on site support.

Until then, please backup your leads, calls to actions, and landing pages if you are using the tool set.

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