The AB Theme Framework

WordPress Development

Author Buzz UK are working on a new WordPress Theme Framework specifically for authors.

One of the things to come out from the work we have been doing for Author Buzz UK is that many themes only mostly fit the needs of writers.

If you add in the need for a blog that responds speedily and presents author information well with a requirement that it integrate with our community features… Well, the themes available are good, but they could be better.

That’s why I have started working on a theme framework. It is built using Bootstrap to keep it mobile responsive and light.

Will this new theme framework be the greatest WordPress theme ever? Maybe, but probably not. What it will be is an option. If it does nothing else but inspire theme creators to focus on the needs of authors then it will have been worth it. It will pull in some of the plugin ideas we have been sharing.

Something of a drag factor is that I am not a natural designer. I am a developer that can design but that is not my area of expertise. My hope with this framework is that other designers will take it, create child themes and make it their own.

I’ll share more as soon as there is something more to see. Until then, Back to the grindstone for me.

Good work (I think!!), but it would be nice if you could fix current problems before creating new ones. Invitation emails are not being sent when you invite an existing AB user to your blog


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