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I thought I would post an overview of the updates I’ve been running.

Themes and plugins

It is not terribly exciting. A month’s worth of bug fixes and security updates but no new features to speak of.

The only really important news is that we have been silently keeping on top of updates to keep everyone safe and secure. As they say, no news is good news. I’ve not broken anything lately.

Author Buzz progress

I’ve talked about the plans we have for Author Buzz before. I’m sorry to report that I’ve not been too well and those plans are not proceeding quickly.

It turns out that there are a lot of platform specific things to learn about WordPress. For now, I am mostly tinkering and trying to make sure the network runs as fast and efficiently as possible. Part of that tinkering led to the opening up of blogs and groups for public registration. Progress, as they say, is being made.

Most of the work has gone into making sure that your activity stream looks good. I am still slowly working towards a custom theme to bring out the best Author Buzz UK has to offer. I’d rather get it right and have something you can use than rush things and make a mess

Limits and gotchas

One of the limits that our users currently have to contend with is that groups are not passive. Without regular interaction or updates posted by a human, some features will skip pulling outside data. That’s not entirely a bad thing I think.

That’s all for now…

That is all the news from behind the scenes. Now you are up to date back to the grind for me.

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