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train crash

I think by now that everyone noticed that we were off line for an indecently long time. I will talk about exactly what happened but not quite yet. There is a lot to do to fix what went wrong and to make sure that it does not happen again.

Before I am willing to get into the details – and I will – it would be wise to go ahead and make some behind the scenes changes.

I do want to say that we are online in no small part to the wondrous talents of Danny H. I am going to be singing Danny’s praises for some time. Not only because he is a fantastic fellow (which he definitely is) but also for the way he went above and beyond in helping to bring this site back to life.

I will talk about how Danny saved us. However, not quite yet. I want to make sure that his effort is truly capitalized upon first.

What that means is that I am going to work my bum off between now and Christmas. When I get to the point that I feel I can start telling the story, you will know that all the dust has settled and there will be no more interruptions.

For now, I simply want to say, thank you Danny – you are a star.

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