Backup all the things


If there is one thing that this outage has shown me, it is that there can always be a more comprehensive backup system in place.

This post should publish just after the most comprehensive, site-wide, backup of all the things has completed. That ends step one.

Some backup stats

  • Files copied via FTP this backup: 98,948
  • Days I’ve been at this: 3*
  • Time it should have taken: <24 hours

* To be fair, I have not been working at it solidly. Christmas is coming up and I have a life outside of servers.

Step two is next

Step two is a bit more complicated. However, if all goes well, step two will be seamless and go unnoticed.

It involves some DNS changes. It also involves a bunch of other stuff that I would prefer to cover once the step is complete.

Step three: Wrapping up

When we get here I can start going into detail about what has been happening and what we have done to stop it from happening again.

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