Tiny MCE and BBPress bug

train crash

I guess I spoke too soon. The update seems to have had a very strange side effect – BBPress’ WYSIWYG editor has stopped working.

I noticed a bug report from one of our members this evening. They were reporting that the forums were being squiffy. I was going to reply with a  “thanks but I have not seen any such bug” when the same thing happened for me too. It seemed that the visual editor was not passing anything to the text version (which is what is actually submitted).

As BBPress runs the forums and is part of all the user groups, this was a pretty big deal.

I wondered if perhaps it was a double JQuery include issue and wrote a filter to dequeue JQuery and then enqueue using the Google CDN. That was a good thing to do for speed but it did not solve my problem. Probably because JQuery was not the problem, to begin with.

As far as I can tell this was either the Tiny MCE update that got pushed with the last update or something equally stupid that I just have not been able to see.

The net result is that I had to take away the nice UI for adding content to the forums because it was broken.

I have no officially Googled every version of the console error messages, descriptions of the problem, and version numbers involved that I can think of. I’ve not found so much as a sniff of another person reporting this problem.

If you need me, I will be taking a nice relaxing break to headbutt a wall or something. Grrr…


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