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I have been tuning up various parts of the site. Here is a list of the changes so far:

  • ActivityPub is active on the site and on all blogs (and forum topics)
  • More plugins are now optional – this is because many good plugins have an unfortunate habit of posting notices that – due to numbers – spam new blogs for the new admin
  • I’ve added more spam protection to slow the flow of spam signups
  • Removed unneeded plugins from the main site
  • Removed the ability to invite anyone to join a group as this was being widely abused (mostly by spammers)
  • Updated themes and plugins to their latest versions

If anything breaks that you notice please let me know.

Danny H says:

Have you done the anti-blocking thing with 20i? Have set up ActivityPub on my blog but can’t find @randomthoughts

A thought if you have done the anti-blocking thing, is it only enabled on the domain or subdomains as well?

Not yet. I’m worried about how hard the spam would run if I did. I am working towards that though.

Danny H says:

Ok, but you know that ActivityPub won’t work as intended until you do


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